“And then He told them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone'”.

Mark 16:15

King’s Kids Outreach is an awesome opportunity for the whole family to get involved in order to serve God’s Kingdom and reach out to the new generation. With our hearts full of love and the willingness to express it out; During the camp, we dive into an incredible dimension of fellowship and joy with the Lord as well as with each other. Teachings like meditation in the Word of God, intercession, praise, and worship, hearing God’s voice, the heart of the servant, evangelism, and many others are always part of who we are. And of course, we couldn’t leave it off the performing arts that we so much love doing as a strategy; We spend time together practicing dramas and dances, and this is the first half of our KK outreach. The other second half is made out of putting into practice all that we have learned with the Lord through the first days together. At this time God shows us how we were made to be unified as a whole body of Christ. We need each other and we love each other, and for this, we care for the other. We go out on the streets, squares, visit churches, parks, towns, and cities, to wherever God leads us through His Spirit. There we go doing His will and giving Him the glory and all praise. Come and join us, it will be wonderful to have you with us!

Important Information

What are the dates for the next camp? Our next King’s Kids Outreach will happen from the 6th-18th of January 2021, Summer season in New Zealand.

How much does the KK outreach cost? TO BE SHOWN HERE SOON! Note: The outreach fee must be paid on the first day of the camp. You can pay with cash or send the money to our KK outreach bank account, which follows in detail below.

ASB Bank

King’s Kids Outreach Ministry


What is included in this KK outreach cost? It covers the camp accommodation, food, transportation, and a T-shirt uniform for the participant. Note: If the participant wants to buy any sort of candies, sweeties, or anything else during the camp he/she must bring some spare money for that. 

How does the camp function? The camp is divided into two parts. The first half is the time we all seek God intimately and prepare ourselves through digging into His Word, as well as through dances and dramas practices, making us ready for the next few days to come. The second half is the outreach period. A time we all love! We put into practice all that we learned in the previous days. We have the chance to visit many places to en-light God’s glory and rejoice as we fulfill His plans and all He spoke through the camp to us.

Where can I ask more questions regarding the KK Outreach? You can give us a call and talk to one of our staff members +64 (09) 275 0291 or email us Will be such a pleasure to get in touch with you.

How to be part of the KK Outreach? Download the registration form according to your age on the link below, fill it out and send it to us as soon as possible, further information is found at the bottom of the application form.




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